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“Through Financial Coaching you will take back control of your finances. Financial Coach are your accountability partner, you will be responsible for execution while being coached along the way.”

If you already have a good life, you don’t need counselling to do better, you need coaching

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What is Coaching?

Unlike Mentoring or Teaching, Coaching is not telling people what to do; coaching aims to help a person take control and clarify what is going on in their life. It helps them realise new choices that can leads to change. Coaching helps a person go beyond the mental blocks of what they thought was possible. It is a partnership between coach and client to help clarify goals, make them challenging and motivating, and to achieve those goals with the energy that comes from their own personal values and experiences.

Difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Counselling is to remedy the client’s problems. Client who seeks counselling are usually dissatisfied with their life and want relief from psychological trauma/symptoms. A Counsellor often seek to understand the client’s past and what went wrong to improve the present. Coaching focuses on the present and future. A coach may work with a client who wants the coach to help them improve an already good life.

What is Financial Coaching and How does it differ from Financial Planning?

Financial Coaching aim to help the client take control of their finances based on their current situations and goals by helping them outline a plan, share expertise, resources and help them reach their goals by customising strategies based their own financial circumstances. Financial Coach are accountability partners, the clients are responsible for execution while being coached along the way.

Financial Planning, on the other hand, take an advisory route that helps clients to implement financial solutions e.g., insurance and investment base on their needs and requirement. Financial Advisor is responsible for the execution of the Financial Plans and Solution.

What are the Intervals and Commitment Period?

Each coaching session should take around 1 to 2 hours. We recommend the interval for each session to be at least a month apart or once per quarter. At least 3 to 4 session is recommended to see results.

There are no commitment period, the coaching can end after the discovery session

Where will the Coaching Session be Held?

It is to our client’s benefit that the coaching session be held in a quiet location with minimal distraction, a face-to-face coaching session can be conducted at our office or at the comfort of our client’s home/workplace. We can also conduct a Zoom Session if our clients are more comfortable doing so, a face-to-face session is usually preferred.

Why are the Rates for Financial Coaching Based on Income Earned?

Our rates are very affordable for middle income earners, the Cat 4 rates are our base rate and are discounted specific to our client’s income category. We also understand that typically the more money our client earns the more discipline is needed in terms of spending and overall money management, hence a more curated financial coaching approach will be needed. See our rates

Why Do You Charge Per Session and Not Hourly?

Our affordable fixed price per session billing ensure that our clients do not receive hourly billing price shock.

How Does the Coaching Session Works?

The first session will be a discovery session, it is also a good chance for both coach and client to know if they are the right fit for further sessions to take place. The discovery session will also uncover whether the client situation is a one off or an overall wellness strategy.

Is the Discovery Session Chargeable? What Else Should I Prepare?

Yes. The discovery session is chargeable.

Just prepare your identification, payment, and you should be prepared to identify your purpose for coaching and your goal. 

I Will Need More Clarification Before Booking the Discovery Session

You may leave your contact details here

Do You Take on Clients Outside of Singapore?

Yes, we do, coaching must be done in Singapore or Zoom if you’re unable to travel, Charges will be $150 USD per session regardless of income.

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Eugene Low Zhan Wen

Excellent service and good sound advice.

Kannan SG

Smooth and Informative

Eugene has been my financial advisor for the past 2 years and it has been a good experience associating with him so far.
Looking forward to more such meetings with him

Ashok Hariharamoni

Exceptional Service

Eugene Low is very professional. Service is exceptional. Will not hesitate to introduce his service to others.

Selina Gan

Extraordinary,well-versed and reliable adviser

Eugene has been extremely responsive to all my queries and he has demonstrated excellent product knowledge.

His advice goes above and beyond, which enables me to make my final selection choice. I would highly recommend his services as he is a reliable advisor who provides you with both the pros and cons of each selection and his advice is always meaningful and good to the point.

Thumbs up for the excellent work!

Pearlyn Ho

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