Financial Planning (Fee Base per session)

 We conduct a rare per session fees base financial planning in Singapore. There are many events that can qualify an individual to seek financial advice, these events usually involve windfalls or major losses e.g the death of a love one or a close friend. In some instance, it is the nagging feeling that you may be missing out on certain financial aspects in your life. There’s always an on-hindsight situation whenever events unfold, and a curated financial planning approach can help plug in that gap on a risk management, asset building and/or wealth distribution perspective.

Our fee base financial advisory will ensure you be given only objective advice. Through holistic planning you and your family will be financially protected, understand various wealth accumulation strategies & receive a customised legacy planning solution to legally transfer wealth to the next generation or the causes you believe in.

Solution & product implementation are not compulsory. Strictly no product recommendation will be made during the discovery session.

What situation qualifies your need for fee base financial planning

  • You want to protect your family from financial shock when death, disability and/or critical illness occurs.
  • You want to grow your wealth with a targeted approach under the advisory of a financial practitioner
  • You want to implement wealth distribution and estate planning solution (we include will writing for $267.50/-)
  • You may already have a financial advisor you are engaging with but wish to seek a second objective opinion

COST: $214/- Per Session (Billed by Infinitum Financial Advisory Pte. Ltd. )

Advisory &/Or Will Writing fees will be refunded if any financial solutions are implemented through us

Step by Step Procedure for Booking a Discovery Session

Step 1: Book appointment via online system below and check junk folder if you do not
receive email confirmation.

Step 2: For Financial Coaching ONLY, you may upload your income statement e.g. IRAS NOA 2021 or CPF Contribution Statement (Last 3 months). This is not required for other services.

Step 3: Leave your contact details

Step 4: Payment will be collected via paynow or ibanking transfer or cash before the session begins.

Step 5: Signing of contract after collection of payment, please bring along your NRIC/FIN for verification

Note: We will need to sight your ID for the preparation of the contract.

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