Financial Coaching

We all know money is the number one stress for most people, you may be struggling to manage debt, or you may already be doing well. Regardless of your financial circumstances, poor money habits could be more than just overspending. Sometimes, it can be your unvarying perception of money which may leave you financially entangled for a long period of time. Through financial coaching, we will identify the three O’s – obstacles, options and opportunities while empowering you to act and move forward.

This will be a one-on-one session to ‘coach’ financial improvements to meet goals mutually set by you. In a Financial Coaching session, you will not be provided with financial advice but be encouraged and monitored as you are coached to strategize a financial roadmap to meet your own set of financial goals

What situation qualifies your need for financial coaching?

  • You want to make more money
  • You want to manage your finances better
  • You want to get out of a bad financial situation
  • You want to know how to manage money as a couple
  • You are getting married you want to be coached on managing finances

0% Advise 100% Coaching

COST: Fixed price per session according to category irrespective of complexity, location & hours 

Category IRAS Annual Income Declaration Price Per Session (Inc. GST)
Cat 1 $30,000 and below $88/-
Cat 2 $30,001 – $50,000 $128/-
Cat 3 $50,001 – $100,00 $158/-
Cat 4* $100,001 & above $188/-

*If you prefer not to show proof of income, you will be charged under CAT 4 rate

Step by Step Procedure for Booking a Discovery Session

Step 1: Book appointment via online system below and check junk folder if you do not
receive email confirmation.

Step 2: For Financial Coaching ONLY, you may upload your income statement e.g. IRAS NOA 2021 or CPF Contribution Statement (Last 3 months).

Step 3: Leave your contact details

Step 4: Payment will be collected via paynow or ibanking transfer or cash before the session begins.

Step 5: Signing of coaching contract after collection of payment, please bring along your NRIC/FIN

Note: We will need to sight your ID for the preparation of the contract, if you choose not to upload your income statement, you may show it to us during the discovery session if you would like to get discounted rate.

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