Performance and Leadership Coaching

Sometimes it’s good to retune, make decisions, commit to new action and forge ahead with clarity to navigate the uncertainty and opacity within your business or career.

Our performance and leadership coaching session will help you to help yourself unlock potential, lifts engagement, and boosts your performance as a leader or business owner. This one-on-one session helps you to develop personal accountability & create self-improvements goals that are mutually set by you.

What situation qualifies your need for performance and leadership coaching?

  • You want to explore a new career path
  • You want your business, career, and relationship to be much better
  • You wish to nurture talent within your organisation
  • You want to be a better leader
  • You want to invest in yourself but want to know how
  • You want to scale up your business or your own career

COST: $188/- Per Session

Step by Step Procedure for Booking a Discovery Session

Step 1: Book appointment via online system below and check junk folder if you do not
receive email confirmation.

Step 2: For Financial Coaching ONLY, you may upload your income statement e.g. IRAS NOA 2021 or CPF Contribution Statement (Last 3 months). This is not required for other services.

Step 3: Leave your contact details

Step 4: Payment will be collected via paynow or ibanking transfer or cash before the session begins.

Step 5: Signing of coaching contract after collection of payment, please bring along your NRIC/FIN

Note: We will need to sight your ID for the preparation of the contract

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